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      He paused a moment.

      Its so horrid to work for a cad, Charles. I havent done it before. Oh, I know he was awfully kind to you

      What sum do you require? asked Keeling.

      As he spoke he became aware that Keeling was not paying the smallest attention to him; he appeared unconscious of him. His finger still tapped his desk, and he was frowning at his ink-bottle. Then he dismissed, as if settled, whatever was occupying his mind.Or it may be about the bouquet, continued his wife. Very likely he has found out that the princess has some favourite flower, in which case it would be only right to have it made of that instead of carnations and gypso-something, and I could say, Your favourite flower, your Royal Highness, or something of the sort. Pray open your letter, Thomas, and see what it is.


      I admit the soft impeachment




      Very well. I engage you from to-day. There is a good deal to do this morning. If you are ready we will begin at once.Hitherto Mr Keeling had devoted his mind to his own immediate concerns which were those of eating. He had no wish to get worried with Mrs Goodford, but it seemed that mere politeness required an answer to this.